Roping Fiesta

This wasn’t my first rodeo, in fact, it wasn’t a rodeo at all. The Roping Fiesta is one of the biggest events in San Angelo every year and garners some of the biggest names in the sport. Hundreds of thousands are won and lost in the stands all because of a few milliseconds off a time or a loose hoof that got away from a knot. Its a real gamble too, as event the best of the best competitors can’t promise they will even get the lasso around the calf in the first place. Sure, most of the time they run straight out of the gate and get roped up, but no one can’t be sure that calf wont turn left right away and there goes the run. No calf roped.

Funeral of Sheriff Joe Hunt

I never had the opportunity to meet Tom Green County Sheriff Joe Hunt before he passed away of natural causes in September, but by all accounts he was one of the most liked men in town. The funeral was fairly short, and included a gun salute and bagpipes. I wanted to focus as much of my time I could on the family members attending the funeral and the deputy’s in full uniform. Towards the end of the funeral, when most everyone had left and only the family members remained I noticed the Sheriff’s granddaughter holding his flag next to his casket with a tiny kiss of light before it was lowered.

New Blog

My old tumblr blog doesn’t work all too well with my new website but this new blog makes makes everything a bit simpler to view my most recent work. Simple as that. I have decided to bring over a handful of my most recent posts from my tumblr blog to this new blog to avoid having a completely barren site for the first few weeks.

oh, and just in case you want to see all that tumblr blog action:

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