First 2 weeks in Corpus

As 2015 was rung in, I was busy packing my bags in preparation of moving from San Angelo to Corpus Christi . Though I enjoyed a lot of the opportunities provided in SA, I am thrilled for the opportunity to work for the Caller-Times. The first two weeks have been exciting and busy. Here are just a few selects from my first 2 weeks working in CC.

Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat Rehearsal

I cover a lot of entertainment events in town for our ‘GO Section’, a monthly magazine that features national and local entertainment. Usually I end up at a dress rehearsal a few days before opening night that weekend. This month I covered the dress rehearsal of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. I always aim to not just produce images of the actual play, but rather capture more intimate moments happening at the rehearsal, which is really how I cover most any event.

ASU's defeat.

I want to keep this post short, as I know ASU football has taken over my blog already. I gave it so much space here because it was a huge victory for the school, advancing the farthest they ever have in DII football. It was also a neat experience getting to dedicate so much time to covering them over the past few weeks.

That being said, ASU traveled to Colorado to face Colorado State-Pueblo in the second round of the NCAA DII playoffs. I can say, after covering them all season long, that this was without a doubt the worst overall performance I have seen from ASU. Pueblo was the better team, and everyone knew that. But ASU is a better team than the one that showed up to play last Saturday. And so, the season ended after losing 52-14 near the Rocky Mountains. The players were sad and beaten, but I have a feeling they were all pretty proud of the overall season that they had this year.

Football in the Upper Peninsula

Two days before the Angelo State University NCAA DII playoff game against Michigan Tech in the Upper Peninsula it snowed more than 10 inches. Other reporters and myself discussed how big of an advantage the Tech team would have in such dramatically different climate than that of West Texas. When game time came on Saturday afternoon however, the weather shot up from 15 degrees into the mid-30s, and though that was still colder than most of the ASU men are used to playing football in, the weather was warm enough so not to be a huge advantage for Tech.

Maybe I should have started this whole thing off with the fact that this was one of the craziest games I have ever covered. Tech jumped out to a comfortable lead but ASU kept chipping away at their score. With a few seconds left on the clock, and the Tech team 20-or-so yards, they sent their kicker onto the field to put them up by two points and win the game. The Tech team all kneeled and locked arms in preparation of the kick, as the ASU players huddled around each other to see which direction the kick ultimately sailed. It sailed right, wide of the uprights, and ASU won the game. It was a wild win, and I had a great time getting to spend so much time photographing the players that weekend. More photos from the trip will run later in December as part of my photo-column, but I wanted to blog about it now with some action shots.

ASU’s Big Win

Angelo State University’s football team played against Texas A&M-Commerce this past weekend in a D2 Championship playoff game that decided which team would advance to the Division 2 playoffs. ASU won by 2 (stopping a 2-point conversion by Commerce with seconds on the clock) and will be playing Michigan Tech in Michigan next weekend. This was the most fun I’ve had shooting a game this year, and there are a number of reasons why, but chiefly it is because I actually got to shoot while there was still daylight out. Usually I am shooting when the sun is down at a fairly lit field, but this game started at 4 PM and I can definitely notice the better quality of the photos because of it.

Homecoming for Central High School in San Angelo. This time I figured I would add some action photos into the blog to compliment some of the feature stuff. Bobcat Stadium is one of the top two stadiums (in reference to quality of light) that I shoot High School football at during the season, but the light is still crap and I usually have to crank it up to at least 4000 iso and shoot at 1/500 just to get something manageable. I would LOVE if these games were played at 4 or 5 o’clock and not at 7:30PM when the sun has set. But, it is what it is, and I think these turned out alright. Also, please excuse the selfie shot in there, I couldn’t help but add it to the bunch.

Friday Football Features

I love shooting football every week during the fall season. No doubt about it; I look forward to driving out to the small towns scattered across the dry flat West Texas terrain spending 4-5 hours working a game. My favorite part, my no questions asked favorite part about getting to drive to these towns and cover the games are the hour or so before kickoff. When the fans start pulling up to the field to watch from their cars, the cheerleaders checking each others makeup and bows, the kids pretending to be the star quarterback behind the home field stands - that’s why I love shooting football in Texas the most.

It’s these moments that I look for, the quiet breaks from the action that excites me the most as a photographer during football season. Once the game starts though, I have to shift all of my focus towards the game – which I certainly don’t mind either.

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