Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

Baseball is by far my favorite sport to shoot. I enjoy the atmosphere of the stadium and being around to watch the game with or without a camera. Of course, while shooting any sport, a shooter is tasked with always being aware and trying to anticipate the next play – but with baseball it’s different. By playing close enough attention you can really deduce where the highest likelihood a play is going happen on the field. Man on 1st and 3rd? Ground ball to shortstop? Checks at 3rd and hopes for the double play…all that time I am singled in on 2nd base for the high impact moment. There are tons of these sorts of variations of plays that the players and photographers and calculating at the same time. Though baseball is considered a slow game, for a photog it is an almost impossibly fast game if not anticipated correctly.   

These photos are from the first couple games that I covered this Spring.

Andrew Mitchell

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